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Custom Made Wooden Gift Boxes

All wooden gift boxes are customized according to the size you need and use to package the latest products or as your next best seller. These wooden gift boxes are all handmade, suitable for cosmetics, food, or for daily storage.

Very suitable for brand packaging that pursues natural quality, which can highlight the texture of your product. Because a waterproof coating can be added to the surface, these wooden gift boxes are waterproof and stain-proof.

List of Wooden Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Wooden Gift Boxes

You can screen print names, logos, slogans and designs in a multitude of colors.

A variety of stains and hardware can be applied to enhance overall package.

Our lumber, nails, glues, dies, screens and finishes are from solid suppliers.

Provide a color selection and we can custom mix inks to meet your needs.

Serve wineries and spirits producers, entrepreneurs, merchandisers and more.

Supply promotional packaging and POP Displays for a variety of other business.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



Brand Owner


Looking for Wooden Gift Boxes Manufacturer with Years of Experience?

Our team is dedicated to providing you, your products and brands with the best wooden gift boxes. We are experts in producing large quantities of wooden gift boxes and our production facilities are ready for mass production. By the way, we can use a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and so on.

We start with listening, then design and manufacture your project. It doesn’t stop there, we are experts in providing transportation solutions and logistics. We have a long enough history, so we know that this business is related to people and interpersonal relationships, and to finished products.

How Can I Custom My Wooden Gift Boxes for My Brands?

We provide various wooden gift boxes. Most of our wooden gift boxes are in stock and can be engraved to make your product packaging unique and personal. We can also use different woods and sizes to customize our boxes and make unique solutions to meet your more specific requirements. We have wine boxes, jewelry, cigars, wine, poker and anniversary wooden gift boxes.

Any logo, mascot, picture, drawing or clip art can be engraved on our wooden gift box. Color pictures can also be incorporated inside or on the lid. Welcome to send your design drawings, our Chinese factory can meet your order needs.

One-Stop Wooden Gift Packaging Solution from Manufacturing to Shipping

GleePackaging specializes in wooden packaging solutions for you, including customized gift boxes. Whether you need a product or 100,000 products, we can provide unique packaging to add value to your products. Let us serve you with more than ten years of experience in making wooden boxes. As your domestic manufacturer, we provide customized orders, small batch orders, fast turnover and own labels. On our website, you can view a large number of spot goods, or contact us today for customized products.

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