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Large Gift Boxes

For those oversized products or extra large retail items, you can choose from our top quality large gift boxes. These include recycled paper materials and customized inserts. Of course, if you want to excel and make your product packaging brilliant, large luxury gift boxes are a great option, since Gleepackaging offers custom large gift boxes with internal printing using a variety of methods such as foil block, screen printing and new full color digital printing. The consequence of delivering these large gift boxes is that we can ship all sizes of boxes flat to save your cost.

List of Large Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Large Gift Boxes

Take brand exposure to a whole new level with your own logo or custom text.

Good for everyday or seasonal decorative storage and organization.

Elegant and easy way to wrap, contain, protect and present a large-size products.

Boxes are shipped flat to save your shipping fees and feature easy assembly.

The paper is from well-managed forests, being environmentally friendly.

Custom interiors for multifunctional storage that suit 100% your products.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



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Quality Wholesale Large Gift Boxes from Factory

When you order high-quality large luxury gift boxes from GleePackaging, it means that your customers deserve the best. Whether it is used for gift box distribution or luxury packaging for large products, we provide a wide range of customized gift boxes to ensure that everyone can find matching products and provide wholesale prices for your business. Because we have our own production line and materials in best quality. If you need help in finding the perfect gift box, our customer service department will be ready to help you find the best product, so you can focus on providing what your customers need.

Custom Large Decorative Gift Boxes: Printing Makes Value

Before buying a large-capacity gift box for your business, there are many factors to consider. You may be wholesaling gift boxes, but in order not to exceed the budget or save more costs, you do not want to sacrifice style and quality. Therefore, before starting to choose a large gift box supplier, you need to have a clear understanding of the size and available materials of various gift boxes.

Do you need a decorative gift box with a solid color lid, or perhaps an integrated kraft carton that is easy to assemble? Once you have a detailed understanding of the material and size of the gift box, you can choose a specific color and style to best suit your business. You can get all these information from GleePackaging’s service. You can print your business logo directly on the box or order a custom label that can be used on any size gift box. If you decide to use a simple color and style gift box, you can always decide to use gift wrapping paper or other decorative elements to decorate the appearance of the package.

The True Large Gift Boxes Manufacturer to Serve You

Gift box packaging is a pleasant thing. When a customer’s product is wrapped in a beautiful product box, he will be shocked by the brand. No matter what the product is inside, the magnificently decorated large gift box will make the gift a perfect package. You can choose high-quality packaging boxes of various sizes and printing technologies to meet your business needs.

We can provide all available custom gift wraps, all types of art designs. With our skilled team and the latest styles, we provide a large number of packaging boxes for your brand, and the supply is stable.

Fast delivery will make your activities planned safely in time. For all customers who have long-term cooperation to order a large number of boxes, there are also the advantages of free samples and design support. We provide the best quality gift boxes suitable for use in various activities and daily packaging of products. With our fast service, you can make special events more charming within the time you plan.

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