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Luxury Gift Boxes Buying Guide

If you are starting to invest into your brand packaging or changing a wholesale packaging supplier, we’re here to help.

Popular Luxury Gift Boxes Styles

A great gift presentation can go well beyond the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows you typically think of. The right gift box can keep your products safe and concealed, and be impressive all on their own. Folding or lidded, magnetic or 2 piece, every kind of gift box you need to make your products as shiny and safe as possible. Make the presents exceptionally special and innovative for your company or brands with gorgeous styles.

Custom Your Branded Gift Boxes Can Be Easy

Packaging is the first thing a shopper sees when they encounter a product in stores, and this first impression has a subtle yet lasting impact. If the packaging is dull or poorly designed, it will psychologically lead buyers to assume the product quality is conducive to its appearance. But if the packaging successfully grabs attention and radiates quality and luxury, consumers will be more inclined to sample something they’ve never tried.

Your packaging should be your calling card and an essential component of your brand identity. It should show your customers why you are superior to the competition in a way that is bold yet subtle.

1. Before You Start Your Packaging Design

There’s a lot that goes into product packaging design: colors, visuals, size, shape, boxes vs. bags vs. wrapping, materials, and more. Before you start making any of those decisions, it’s crucial to do some research first.

You’ll want to understand four key things, which will impact your design significantly. These include:

Who your audience is.

You need to understand who your audience is and what they want from a product in your industry to design packaging that will appeal specifically to them. Many men, for example, aren’t naturally going to reach for something in a flowery pink bottle.

Connotations you want to evoke.

What do you want people to think of when they see your brand? Think about the audience here. Natural, rustic packaging works great for organic skin care products when the brand is stressing natural ingredients, but wouldn’t necessarily work well if you’re trying to represent your products as clinically-crafted instead.

The visual branding you already have established. Do you already have a website, brand name, and/or logo? It’s important to choose packaging that will work well with what you’re already working with, supporting your brand instead of working against it.

What else is happening in the market.

You want to look at what your competitors are doing. It’s good to understand what’s standard, so you can look for a design that will stand out. That being said, sometimes it’s good to stick with the status quo; if consumers expect shampoo to be sold in bottles instead of laminated envelopes, you may want to think twice about going against that.

2. How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials?

Think of packaging design as if you were an architect. You wouldn’t want to live in a house made out of cheese. Just think about the smell in the summer, oh the humanity! So why would you want your beloved product housed in the wrong material?

Just let that sink in. The point is, treat your product with the same respect as you would yourself. When picking the caliper (the weight or thickness) of your packaging material, consider what’s best when packaging your product.

Here’s a quick guide to help you out:


Coated white chipboard used for folding cartons trays and sleeves. This lightweight material yields excellent printing results. It’s best when used for food, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware items, and retail products.


Board composed of paperboard with fluted medium paper laminated to it. It is sturdy yet flexible. It’s ideal for produce, fragile and/or heavy items, subscription boxes, shipping boxes, and e-commerce packages.

If you’re sending subscription boxes, you’ll want to read our complete guide to subscription box packaging design.

Take the time to get a feel for the different materials available to you. Find out works best and make it one of the foundations of your custom product packaging decisions.

3. How to Pick Up the Right Packaging Supplier?

1. Quality Packaging

A high quality final product should be a top criteria and priority. Ensure that your packaging company will be using effective processes and procedures to calibrate, control and maintain high standards. Do they perform regular inspections, measurements and tests of their equipment?

Glee Gift Packaging adheres to the quality standards above and is continually pursuing and investing in new technologies to ensure superior performance. You can expect strict materials and production standards that result in a high-quality product every time.

2. Intuitive Customer Service

Customer service should go beyond just meeting your needs today; look for a package design and production company that’s committed to exceeding your expectations now and planning for your success in the future.

GleePackaging’s customer gift box service team is committed to you and your company’s success from the first phone call and beyond. Our trusted customer service and sales team adhere to our core values to provide top quality service that can’t be beat.

3. Experienced in Graphic and Structural Design

Your packaging company should be experienced in a range of key packaging capabilities and solutions. From retail packaging and displays to industrial packaging and engineering design expertise, Glee Gift Packaging can meet any range of needs. A full-service packaging company, like Victory Packaging, can better serve you in every phase of your company’s growth and development.

4. A Range of Materials and Processes

Be sure your packaging partner is well-versed in paper substrates, structures, and styles. They should be able to facilitate ideal graphics integration and printing processes. Glee Gift Packaging features a team of in-house structural engineers to assist you in all phases of ideation, concepting, design and rendering. Structural prototypes, animations, 3D renderings, and final artwork can all be provided to ensure high-quality results.

5. A Seamless Experience

Connect with a packaging company with a skilled engineering and design team to help facilitate your project and reduce lead times. The professionals at Glee Gift Packaging will research, construct and deliver innovative solutions, reducing time spent, optimizing materials costs, and the risk of damages.

6. Efficiency Assistance

Your packaging company should assist you in streamlining your managed inventory, the storage and warehousing of your products, while taking into consideration the manpower required for your operations, and all accounting transactions. A highly-trained, professional staff should provide efficiency assistance in all phases of the supply chain.

7. Attentive Technical Support

Look for a packaging company that will scrutinize and test your packaging every step of the way for quality assurance. GleePackaging features extensive in-house testing capabilities as well as 17 fully-networked design labs.

8. Cost Optimization

Your packaging supply company should work with your budget and assist in optimizing costs whenever possible. GleePackaging is committed to finding ways to optimize materials costs, design fees, obsolescence, waste and product handling costs while delivering the ideal packaging solution for your needs.

9. Financial Stability

Finally, you’ll want to ensure the packaging company you choose is solid and financially stable, ensuring a reliable future. GleePackaging has distribution centers and warehouse space in China, and their own lumber mill.

There are numerous areas to consider when choosing a luxury gift box packaging manufacturer. Whether your business is small, large or somewhere in between, you can trust GleePackaging for all of your packaging needs.