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We help design and manufacture luxury gift boxes for all types of products and industries. We’re your passionate production partner dedicated to delivering cost efficiency. Enjoy your sample, and customized design, sizes & styles.



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Bespoke Solutions for Large or Small Run Luxury Gift Boxes

Starting from scanning to assembling, printing, and lamination, all steps need 100% perfection to create a great aesthetic view of the custom luxury gift box. Some of our printing specialties include: embossing, debossing, foil stamping, specialized coatings, special inks, labeling, glossy/matte laminating and more.

Internal fitments like paper shreds, foam inserts, internal trays, and decorating materials such as ribbons are also customized. We determine the best gift box production process for the job once your design has been presented to us.

Luxury Gift Boxes By Use

Bespoke rigid or wooden luxury gift boxes are commonly used across many industries including the jewelery, cosmetics, fashion and food sectors, any uses you come up with.

Custom Luxury Rigid Gift Boxes

High quality custom luxury rigid boxes to make your product stands out and can be utilized effectively for brand promotion and marketing.

Stunning Folding Gift Boxes & Packaging

Order our foldable gift packaging & boxes at wholesale rates when placing an order in bulk. We are here to help you.

Package Your Gift Box Right with Fitments

While excellent custom ribbons and paper shreds will attract purchases, the packaging will capture their attention. At GleePackaging, we are equipped with a number of wholesale packaging accessories to make your packaging popular.

Our paper accessories add color and life to your best gift packaging and accessories can be seen in the combination of one of our inexpensive, high-end transparent boxes.

We Make You The Wise Gift Box Buyer

If you are starting to invest into your brand packaging or consider making us your wholesale packaging supplier, we’re have tips to share.


GleePackaging is the go-to resource for the latest manufacturing and trends in luxury gift boxes. It’s truly a one-stop shop for helpful gift box packaging solution in China.

Best of all is the team at GleePackaging, who provide bespoke services with the most flexible design advice in response to our unique requirements.

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We're Not Your Average Gift Box Manufacturer

Tell us a little about what you need and our friendly staff can get your next luxury gift box project started right.

I need a structural design collaborator

Packaging engineers can create a die-line for your gift box packaging, whether it is from a scratch or specifications.

I have a product, service or idea that needs a package

Whether you need 10 rigid boxes or 10 million, we are the gift box factory you’re looking for.

I have specs and need a high-quality production partner

We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise necessary to advice for your packaging.

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    Specialist In Luxury Gift Box Production

    Our clients include business owners of many product brands, retail merchants, print goods entrepreneurs and creative designers. They have made various efforts for the success of the luxury gift industry and also have the desire and ambition to create luxury gift boxes for marketing campaigns or new product promotion at competitive prices. As their partner and gift boxes manufacturer, we use only the best materials to design our gift boxes, which is why we have a proven track record of meeting their custom requirements.

    #1 Chinese Gift Box Factory

    With over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the custom luxury gift box printing industry, we pride ourselves on our product results and excellent customer service. Not only do we use the best packaging materials to produce your boxes, but we also have a large state-of-the-art production facility with a number of highly dedicated and experienced employees, equipped with a full range of high-quality machines that are sufficient to meet the needs of multiple parties in all processes. Our machines can not only produce the simplest designs, but even print and produce detailed and complex packaging, as we offer CMYK full color printing to ensure that your logo and graphics are printed with enough delicacy. This means that your gift box will end up with a unique look and the best brand feeling. Brand owners, creative designers and retail clients can now also enjoy competitive pricing and one-on-one service.

    Unique Gift Boxes For Any Industries

    We understand the needs of our clients so well, that standard luxury product packaging boxes or typical gift box sizes may not meet the needs of every brand. Therefore, at GleePackaging, we offer a large selection of custom made gift boxes from different types of boxes such as magnet boxes, drawer boxes, flip boxes, folding boxes, hard boxes and window boxes in order to cater to different industries for different purposes. No matter what shape, colors, materials, box sizes, we can customize your product packaging box.

    About GleePackaging

    We understand how important a company’s product branding is, and the first thing what customers notice is the packaging, GleePackaging provides custom printed gift boxes from small to large for customers worldwide. As for the printing of various materials, we have a wide range of printing techniques to meet any customer’s needs, producing boxes that meet 100% of all customer design requirements. Our customer service is simple and quick, ensuring that anyone can explain their artwork and graphics clearly, and we offer free samples. In addition, GleePackaging supports eco-friendly and green luxury gift box packaging. We only source environmentally friendly forest wood to produce our luxury gift boxes, thereby taking responsibility for the environment as a business. In addition, our company and production facilities meet a number of international environmental standards. Contact us, wholesale your custom gift boxes orders, and boom!