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Custom Gift Boxes Services

Custom Gift Box Inserts for Every Occasion

Foam Inserts

  • Shock-absorbent
  • Sturdy enough to last
  • Makes packing fast and simple

Cardboard Inserts

  • Cost-effective and sustainable
  • Coatings, treatments and adhesives available
  • Easy storage

Plastic Tray Inserts

  • Design versatility
  • No disheveled items
  • Pure display value

Molded Pulp Inserts

  • Biodegradable
  • Provides Cushion and Protection
  • Endless possibilities for design

Custom Gift Box Printing to Stand Out

Foil Printing

  • wide range of colors, both metallic and nonmetallic
  • Complements other printing techniques
  • Higher visibility

Digital Printing

  • Full colors
  • Faster response time
  • A world of options when it comes to materials


  • Creates a 3D design that pops from surface.
  • Easier to apply foil stamping
  • Huge impression

Personalized Ribbon & Labels

  • In a wide range of colors & widths
  • Add branded touch
  • Cost effective

Custom Gift Box Shapes to Perfect Fit

Round Shape

Square Shape

Rectangular Shape

Flat Shape

Your All-in-one Luxury Gift Packaging Supplier

What Can We Do for You?

No matter what stages you are at, we have a bespoke gift box solution for you.

We Assist in Engineering

Our packaging engineers can create a die-line for your package, whether it is from a scratch on a napkin or previous specifications. If you have existing packaging, we can review it and redesign it.

We intend to make the design of your packaging efficient and easier to assemble. We also will address the material usage, durability of the packaging, and its protective capabilities. Together, these elements of our enhanced design process deliver a substantial savings on cost all while driving interest on the shelf – which ultimately means an increase in sales.

We Assist in Packaging Recommendations

Our team of artists and designers understand that the way your company and products are presented is one of the most important elements in your branding.

We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise necessary to create the perfect art for your marketing efforts. We’ll work with you to help your organization develop a visual asset library of the highest quality, which will directly impact your online sales.

We Assist in Production

Our historic mill building has been renovated to over 5000 square feet, housing classic craftsman tools as well as cutting-edge rigid box wrapping machinery. Whether you need 10 rigid boxes or 10 million, we are the box manufacturing partner you’re looking for.

Though we produce rigid paperboard packaging utilizing a wide range of decorative techniques, the core of our in-house decorative capabilities are in foil-stamping, debossing, embossing, and combo hot stamping. We also possess equipment for streamlining magnetic and other specialty closures.

Complete Custom Gift Box Solutions

Your project is important to us, and our detailed process ensures that we can deliver the best finished product in a quick timeline and at the right price. Its not just a single project, its the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Design and estimation (5-15 days)


A Packaging Consultant or Project Manager is your first point of contact. They will extract all the necessary information to start to create a design Request. The more information you can share — including budget targets — the better!

Estimating and Quoting

We send you the Quote! If pricing is an issue, we try to negotiate a design change to meet the budget. Otherwise, you approve the quote and we build your physical custom prototype. Once you approve a prototype and return it to us, we begin Order Entry.

Design + Engineering

Your Request is sent to our Design & Engineering department to determine structural design, dielines, vendors, and production processes. All of this new information is added to the Request and sent to Estimation and Quoting.

Order Entry (3-5 days)

P.O. & Deposit

Our standard expectation for project deposit is 30% of material and labor cost, another advanced prototype extra set-up hard costs are going to be in the beginning , which includes dies, paltes, and tooling.

Artwork Templates

If the box is decorated with printing, a flat template file with instructions is sent for your design team to place artwork. When this file is returned, we are ready to schedule production.

Production (4-6 weeks)

Materials and Printing

We provide every possible option to our clients when it comes to materials & printing. Our innovative solutions deliver superior performance at competitive prices. You no longer need to work with multiple vendors to get your packaging designed, engineered, and distributed. We do it all for you.

Ship Finished Products

We want your unboxing experience to be happy and exciting. Your Project Manager will follow up to collect any feedback you have about the process and to ensure complete satisfaction.

Your All-in-one Luxury Gift Packaging Supplier

Custom Printed Gift Boxes & Packaging Wholesale

GleePackaging is one of the best China-based custom packaging boxes manufacturing company which is involved in producing every kind of custom packaging boxes and custom boxes with logo. The custom printed boxes can be available in the highest quality possible with amazing and creative logo printed styles. The products of your business will no longer look monotonous because we can manufacture the custom boxes wholesale in a series of sizes and designs as per the clients’ requirements, needs, and the clients’ product specifications.

We are equipped with talented and hardworking experts of graphic designers that have the skills to develop and craft the aesthetic designs, and all these experts are more than able to produce the custom boxes with logo.

To get the customer satisfaction and the customers’ loyalty, we don’t even charge a bit to our clients for any of the customizations of custom design by the customers themselves. It would be a worthwhile experience for you to get the excellent services in the whole box packages manufacturing market all over the world. Moreover, you will be able to get the custom packaging boxes with either plain or printed designs on your request.

GleePackaging is the optimum packaging solution you can ever find in China. Let us not waste any of your precious time, freely hit our chat support down here to book your order right away!

If you need the custom boxes or custom boxes with logo for your business company with a definite logo, then contact us, because we are able to provide you with any size, shape, design and crafted custom printed boxes and custom boxes wholesale sooner than any other box packaging competitor in the market.

– Choice of Materials used

Our custom gift boxes are not limited to anyone or two types of materials. But, a wide variety of materials is available too. Our customers can take advantage of these options. You can choose any custom retail packaging according to your needs. Our custom product boxes also deal with Eco-friendly Kraft products. Our team ensures convenience and quality uncompromised.

– Our Goals are our achievements!

We, at GleePackaging, have goals to win the customers by offering them the optimum quality custom box manufacturing services and custom boxes with logo services in the most affordable way possible. We are 101% optimistic and committed to the profits of our loyal customers because we deem them as they are, we ourselves. Our goals are not to earn the profits from our clients but the admiration, and that’s the reason why we enable all our existing or new customers to take the entire advantage of all our low prices and the most exquisite quality custom boxes and custom packaging service delivery with no cost at all. Our latest offsets are digital & CMYK color shades in printing methods and techniques will surely enable you to attract the potential customers to your product.

We are ready to assist our potential customers with a series of unique and entrepreneurial designs that will help you achieve success in your business at an exponential level. Furthermore, we are always ready to manufacture the custom boxes on our customers’ demand at any time. We offer the lowest rates on each and every product that our company makes as compared to the market. Discover the website, contact us, order your custom boxes wholesale, and boom! Your custom gift boxes will be on your business doorstep in no time.

Besides, Add-ons are the addition of foiling, coatings, embossing, debossing, and noticeable windows. These are the elaboration that will surely grasp the attention of the customers towards your product. Furthermore, by adding these add-ons, you can easily be prominent in the market as compared to your competitors.

– Alluring and Mesmeric Foiling you can Add to your Boxes for the Attention Grasping Look

The plus point of these add-ons is their further sub-types. Now, you can choose the add-ons of your choice. Like, if you are in extra love with the vibrant colors, you can use the color in the foiling. Furthermore, the foiling is suitable not only for the few specific things over the box like titles, logos, or something else but also you use the foiling on the whole box. We as loyal towards you, prefer the gold and silver foiling as these two colors of the foiling will give the gleamy look to your custom product boxes.

– Gleamy and Glossy Coatings

The coatings divide into two types:

  • Matte
  • Gloss

Like, often, customers ask for the non-shiny and the flat look for their product packaging. Therefore, we have added the matte coating on our recommended list. In contrast to this, some customers come with the taste of shine and gleam for their product packaging. In this case, we offer them the gloss coating option. The coating will give the eye-catchy and the attractive look to your packaging. Furthermore, you would love one more feature of these coatings, and that is their water and dust resistant quality.

– Get Noticed with the Addition of Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and Debossing are also a type of add-on. Furthermore, these both can be used to give a highlight to the titles, logos, stickers, or names of your product or brand. The embossing will work like this that it will carve the mentioned things while the debossing will deboss the thing you want to give prominence. Also, these both mostly get done together over the custom product packaging. This add-on gives a distinctive look to your product packaging.

– Window Addition to Give a Noticeable Look to your Packaging

This window addition has a noticeable double benefit for the customer and the seller. Like, the customer can easily select the product by the see-through space of the window. At the same time, this addition will increase the curiosity of the customer to properly see that what is inside the box. and the second thing will be proving as a benefit for the buyers of the product. Now, let’s discuss the two different types of the windows. One is known as die-cutting, and the other one is PVC. You will see a plastic sheet on the PVC type of the window while there will be no sheet addition over the die-cutting type of the window.

Styles are introduced to give an impressive look to your packaging. Like, dull and boring styles are not often like by the buyers. Therefore, we have introduced different styles of boxes for your products. These styles are two-piece, sleeve, pillow, tuck end, display, five-panel hangers, and many more. This variety will give you different options to select from according to your choice. Additionally, these styles also help your brand to stand out in the market as compared to the rivals.

Most of the styles of the boxes resemble each other. Like, the sleeve and the two-piece share almost the same manufacturing. These both consist of two parts. The division of these two parts is like in one section, you can keep the products. For the safety of the product, the second part will play the role of lid for over the first part. In sleeve, these two parts get the separate sliding way while in the two-piece, the two parts separates in the opposite direction.

The tuck end boxes come with four types straight, reverse, auto-lock, and the sealed one. These all types are almost the same, but the only difference you will see is in the placement of their panels and flaps. The straight tuck end comes with the flaps on the same side on the top and bottom of the box. Furthermore, the reverse tuck end has the flaps at the opposite side on the top and bottom. In the auto-lock type of the tuck end, flaps of the one side come with a lock. Last but not least, the sealed tuck end has the sealed bottom and top.

The choice is entirely yours that which type of style will go the best for your product. Once check all the styles of the boxes and decide the final one for your product.

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