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Red Gift Boxes

The passionate red gift is now available! All you have to do is grab one of our red gift boxes. These boxes will bring more passion to your products and brands, especially during the holiday season. We have hundreds of styles to choose from, in addition to the styles listed below, you can also send design drawings to us. In this way, you get a perfect red wrapped gift box. These hot boxes do not even need to be wrapped or decorated. From red gloss to red matte, from diamond design to zigzag design, any selection in our red series will definitely be boldly reflected.

List of Red Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Red Gift Boxes

Perfect for festive packaging such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more.

Boxes are made with heavy paper board that feature sturdy structure.

Available to pair with holiday tissue paper or ribbons, and more accessories.

Advance digital printing to show your logo to advertise your business.

Quick and easy to assemble with a simple one-piece fold and tuck construction.

Products are shipped flat to save freight costs and arrived intact.

Chocolate Gift box

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Why Choose GleePackaging as Your Red Gift Boxes Manufacturer

If you have to spend a lot of time re-customizing your Christmas product packaging, please try our tissue paper and ribbon red glossy packaging. In this way, you only need to purchase once to complete the new product packaging. The red luxury gift box we chose is perfect for Valentine’s Day party gifts or Christmas products. Try to use our red Chinese luxury gift box as a cute alternative to the standard packaging box.

Our GleePackaging regards the quality of customized packaging boxes as the most important factor, so we conduct quality control throughout the production process, especially in the printing process and manual process. We care about every detail in the process and invite professionals to take charge of each process. Choosing us as your gift box supplier is the most correct choice.

Red Rigid Gift Boxes for All Kinds of Products

GleePackaging is a leading supplier of customized red rigid mounting boxes for industries such as candy, greeting cards, stationery, games, toys, rewards, promotions, gifts, medical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, jewelry, and industry.

The finishing box or cardboard box is made of heavier cardboard, is permanently bonded to the paper support board, and is packed with printed or colored paper. Unlike folding cartons, these cartons are assembled at the time of manufacture and are “ready” to be shipped. Luxury red gift boxes are often used to protect high-value items or create higher perceived value. In addition, since they are done before “setup”, the box or tray can be formed without tools or additional labor.

We Offer Customized Red Gift Packaging in Any Shapes and Colors

At GleePackaging, we specialize in customized red gift packaging, such as printed inner boxes for export, global market and corporate gift packaging. With innovative design and structure and a variety of fashionable colors for you to choose from, our display packaging can ensure that your products are colored.

We provide customers with high-quality display boxes for you to choose from. The display boxes range from single or multiple packaging to different formats. Our experienced designers use high-quality plates and a range of surface treatments to achieve excellent results.

GleePackaging also designs and manufactures various customized red corrugated partitions to suit your specifications. We can configure everything, from 2 pieces of shelf partitions to 12 and 18 grid partitions, which will help protect your products during transportation.

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