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White Gift Boxes

White will never be outdated, and will always be matched with other colors. Therefore, when you want your product to exactly match your luxury packaging box, please choose our white gift box! Put your brand label on the box, get an elegant style by attaching a ribbon, or get a shiny look by adding golden embossing. These white boxes can perfectly match any accessory! Through the classification of different categories we provide (from different sizes to different cover types to different materials), you will be able to find the one that suits you best.

List of White Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
White Gift Boxes

Beautiful ribbon, and tough material for the perfect protection.

Available in a wide variety of sizes to perfectly fit your products or business.

Get a bright upgrade of your brands with any colorful printing you designed.

Customized finish both inside and outside.

Made from heavy, rigid cardboard and can hold significant weight.

Trendy, sturdy and reusable to highlight your product features.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



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Professional White Gift Boxes Manufacturer to Serve Your Business

Want the perfect storage container? Try our white gift box. They will always keep any item safe while matching any occasion or brand design. Our white hat box with beautiful ribbon, unique shape and tough material can provide perfect protection. For easily foldable boxes (which can be laid flat when not in use), please try our white open lid box. All white gift boxes are available in various sizes to perfectly fit your gift. Do you need anything other than paper or plastic? You can also try our white metal can, which is ideal for storing cookies and other food during the holiday season. If you choose our white gift box, then at any time of the year, any time and any gift will get a bright upgrade! Therefore, I started shopping for white today.

The Fully Qualified Gift Boxes Manufacturing Lines

With the latest technology in laser cutting, metal forming, notch and 3D printing, we are able to create prototypes and mass production. Our rigid box R&D department focuses on white luxury gift boxes suitable for major brands. Due to the combination of high gloss and matte, the white luxury packaging box has a timeless gloss and taste. The paper resources purchased from strictly managed forests in the local area ensure that we can customize our premium cartons completely to your taste.

We can manufacture and provide these white gift boxes, either as complete boxes with lids or flat folding boxes that can be beautifully assembled in seconds. Decorated with the premium ribbons or accessories of your choice, they will surely impress your customers! All our gift boxes are made of export quality biodegradable cardboard with excellent surface treatment and performance. We provide luxurious color combinations to suit your product market. If your box is purely for packaging, the safety of the product and the stunning first impression are not important, we can also help you to optimize your costs significantly.

A Variety of Services and Prices to Suit Your Business

As a manufacturer of white paper gift boxes, GleePackaging specializes in wholesale paper gift boxes. One of our most novel works may be our magnetic box. The unique shape and magnetic design ensure that this box stands out from other packaging.

If you plan to purchase a large amount of packaging for packaging your products, please consider using a unique gift box provided by the manufacturer of white paper gift boxes to store your items in the best quality boxes on earth. Whether you are buying a gift box without patterns or printing a pattern, we have a variety of services and prices to match your needs, allowing you to buy these wholesale white paper gift boxes in bulk at a reasonable price.

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