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Custom Cosmetic Gift Boxes

The cosmetic gift box is a kind of exquisite packaging, which can wrap cosmetics such as powder cake, lip gloss, eye shadow, skin care products, etc., and has a unique appearance to achieve the effect of displaying cosmetics. There is no doubt that it has a high influence in beautifying goods to attract customers and build a unique charm of the brand. Browse our luxury cosmetic packaging boxes and find us as your most affordable source in manufacturing for your makeup products or gift box orders.

List of Cosmetic Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Cosmetic Gift Boxes

Shapes, sizes and colors for all the makeup, beauty and skin care products.

State of the art digital and offset presses along with the latest printing techniques.

Skilled graphics team can provide you with various artwork options.

Supplies start from mini size wholesale boxes to extra large gable shape.

Kraft, Corrugated, Cardboard and paper, all these are fully biodegradable.

Suit for shipping purpose, subscriptions, makeup products and at events.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



Brand Owner


Our Manufacturing Process of Cosmetic Gift Boxes

If you are an emerging cosmetics brand and you are about to launch a cosmetic product line, then this is the right place, because we can provide you with luxurious packaging boxes and cartons for your products. If the cosmetic packaging box is plain and ordinary, then it is impossible to gain a place in the market and establish a brand. GleePackaging has all the elements you need to help your business develop quickly and build a brand. Our design and printing experts are able to create fascinating boxes for make-up products, while also providing a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to prepare excellent but customized gift boxes and packaging for you.

Our Cosmetic Gift Boxes Manufacturing Process:

  1. Design: Design patterns based on requirements, culture, and product characteristics.
  2. Cardboard: Made from high quality cardboard or cardboard.
  3. Printing: Exquisite printing technology.
  4. Surface treatment: matte, UV, varnish, dumb oil and other surface treatment methods are available.
  5. Overall beauty: hand-made can reach a certain degree of beauty.

Printing Makes Cosmetics Standout from Your Competitors

Our high-tech printing gift box factory can fulfill your box printing needs, you only need to consider the graphics and patterns you need to print. We will cut and fold according to your design, turn your design into real packaging, and 100% match with your product. We can help you achieve your luxury cosmetics brand, because GleePackaging has helped many brands and distributors to produce high-quality cosmetic packaging boxes. After each step of the product, printing, gluing, folding and assembling of the cosmetic gift boxes, we will perform a complete set of test procedures to ensure that your packaging box is perfect.

Quality Materials to Provide Worldwide Appreciation

Our packaging materials are used in almost all types of products. We use biodegradable materials to produce high-quality cosmetic gift packaging for customers who trust our team. To ensure that it can be shipped safely and delicately, we test each step of the material. Market trends are very important to us. When we finish your design, we will keep all the current popular materials and use them in cosmetic boxes. If you have any questions about materials, please contact us, our material experts can answer any questions.

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