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Custom Flower Gift Boxes Wholesale

Flower gift boxes are increasingly popular in the gift market. The gift boxes we provide can meet different floral designs, and use luxurious gift boxes of different shapes and colors to wrap your flowers. In the production of personalized floral gift boxes, we use the most modern manufacturing technology and high-quality materials, making this kind of packaging very suitable for the daily use of florist, wedding designer, gift brand, baking and catering industry.

List of Flower Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Flower Gift Boxes

Shapes, sizes and colors for all the rose products.

All foldable boxes are shipped flat for minimal storage and easy for assembling.

Skilled graphics team can provide you with various artwork options.

Supplies start from mini size wholesale boxes to extra large gable shape.

Kraft, Corrugated, Cardboard and paper, all these are fully biodegradable.

Suit for shipping purpose, subscriptions, flower products and at events.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



Brand Owner


Bespoke Flower Packaging that Make Your Flower High-End

Our customers can rest assured that even the most humble flowers they make for our customers will be a high-end product in our luxurious and customized floral gift boxes. Our long-term large-scale flower gift shop, clothes and accessories brands provide high-end floral packaging boxes.

The icon on the gift box is a way to raise the standard of luxury. All products in our product range can be customized according to your brand. Customized round or square flower boxes, customized cardboard gift boxes to wholesale customized flower boxes. These special boxes can arouse the positive attention of your customers, thereby significantly increasing your sales.

Best for Flower Products and Gift Boxes Wholesale

With our flower gift box series, we have brought special customized packaging for your flowers, and the brand has not only upgraded one level. Your customers can open the flowers in the box and are impressed with your flower brand. Or make your gift box distribution full of value and bring affordable and beautiful luxury gift boxes to every brand that needs a flower gift box. Perfect for any occasion, just send them a series of fresh cut flowers and the rest will be covered.

The Key Point to Show Flowers Is The Quality of Gift Boxes

These luxury gift boxes are not only made by hand, but also made according to your quality requirements. For example, we can make test reports and related certificates for you according to the needs of your country. Therefore, it is certain that these floral gift boxes will meet your vision of brand and import.

This also means that you can customize some paper hat boxes, trapezoidal boxes, heart-shaped gift boxes or any other boxes of your choice. However, if you want to use different designs for different boxes, it is entirely up to you. All you have to do is choose the desired design for each box.

In summary, as a business owner or wholesaler, packing your floral products in a customized gift box will make you stand out from the competition. Not to mention, it also increases your professionalism. Therefore, please consider the design that contains your brand philosophy and invest in a custom gift box that fits these concepts.

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