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Custom Luxury Candle Gift Boxes

GleePackaging’s large selection of luxury candle gift boxes makes it ideal for all types of candle displays. Classic styles such as cube boxes are perfect for candle packaging and have a natural, eco-friendly look. All boxes come with interchangeable ribbons so you can change the color of the ribbon or use your own if you prefer. Ask us about our wide range of candle gift box accessories, as well as box surface printing to match your brand or product color. Below is a collection of the most popular gift boxes for candles and glassware. If you don’t find the right style here, please feel free to contact us.

Luxury Candle Boxes

List of Candle Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Candle Gift Boxes

Build candle brand recognition through luxurious and sought after packaging.

Best to suit different occasions like parties, birthday parties, weddings and so on.

Long-lasting packaging that can secure candles from environmental harm.

All types of custom candle boxes for clients, retail or wholesales are available.

Factory capabilities to custom your products in all shapes and sizes.

Hassle free purchasing, all you need to do is to tell us about the dimensions.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



Brand Owner


Get Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes Packaging in One Place

We have been operating a candle gift wrapping company for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve met the needs of many customers with our high quality candle gift boxes, including retailers, candle brands, box distributors and more. In addition, many retailers work with us for a long time and let us manufacture high-end gift boxes for their products. In addition to this, we also offer cost-effective wholesale prices for candle packaging. You can save money in this way and we understand the plight and needs of distributors very well. For more details and inquiries, you can email us at manager@gleepackaging.com. In addition, our helpline is open 24/7 and we are happy to listen to your questions and resolve them immediately.

How Candle Gifts Grab Customer’s Attention? By Printing!

Do you want to break into the candle product market with a unique luxury gift packaging design? Do you want your product to be recognized by your customers in the marketplace? Retail candle products need packaging, there’s no doubt about it. These luxury candle gift boxes are not only perfect for storing products, but they also attract customers when placed on retail shelves! Attention. GleePackaging will help you achieve these goals. When purchasing a product, the first thing that catches the customer’s attention is the brand logo. We will use the best modern technology for printing.

In addition to the branded logo, you can also print a special slogan or custom print on the candle box. In addition, you can also print images and graphics on the box, as well as the name of the gift, the options are endless. All you have to do is tell us what you imagine.

Our printing techniques include offset printing, which uses plates for printing. This printing method is very popular for mass production and can quickly help you make a large number of gift boxes in a short period of time. If you need cost-effective gift box printing, we recommend you try this printing method.

There is also digital printing that works on the same principle as the printers in your office and home. It is a modern printing technique that uses inkjet printers and lasers. Also, this type of printing is cheaper and is suitable for all types of orders.

Custom Candle Gift Boxes Manufacturing to Build Your Brands

GleePackaging offers a truly value-added, collectible gift wrap solution to help you! Position your brand with your consumers.

Our wide range of solutions includes custom candle boxes, votive candle boxes, white candle boxes, candle shipping boxes, luxury candle boxes wholesale, cardboard candle boxes, rigid candle boxes, and many others.

The material of the packaging box also reflects the grade of the product. Our aromatherapy candle packaging boxes can conquer many consumers just by their face value. Through the unique packaging design, we can cater to the hearts of young consumers. Most customers prefer to use matte laminating material such as kraft paper or matte finished paper to do some printing on it.

Candle packaging not only protects the product but also increases the value of the product. Nowadays, people buy the most aromatherapy candles not only because they are scented and healing, but also because the candle packaging is more colorful and varied. Therefore, the packaging of candles is not only used to protect the candle, but also to show beauty under the appearance of the packaging. It beautifies the product, attracts customers and promotes sales.

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