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Custom Magnetic Gift Boxes

We are China-based manufacturer of magnetic gift boxes, providing one-stop accessories such as ribbons, paper shreds, gift cards, etc. We can absolutely give out more packaging by your design file, sketch or packaging samples. Contact us and see what we can do to get your packaging done.

Browse some of the trending and popular magnetic gift box styles bellow. Each and every style is fully customizable, but they are just few of our examples.

List of Magnetic Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Magnetic Gift Boxes

Innovative packaging solution for retailers who don’t want to sacrifice style.

Assemble in just seconds and have the look and feel of a high-end rigid box.

Hidden magnets in the lid so that they snap shut and stay securely closed.

There is no loss in quality to your gift box when you reassemble it multiple times.

Available in gloss colors, textured leatherette finishes for a more natural look.

Keep the contents secure on a day to day basis.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



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Types of inserts of magnetic gift boxes

Paperboard insert is flexible to create many different shape slots to well protect your product to sit tightly inside the box from moving around. We recommend paperboard insert for surface paper coated rigid cardboard magnetic gift boxes because it is one hundred percent recyclable can make your packaging recycled if you are using them to pack any natural and environmentally products. Also, the paperboard insert is a cost-efficient option.

How can magnetic gift boxes be decorated?

Our magnetic folding gift boxes are available in stunning gloss colors, textured leatherette finishes, and matte natural kraft for a more natural look. We have sizes available for many different uses and boxes designed to fit wine and beverage bottles. Our luxurious magnetic wine bottle gift boxes make packaging your wine easier than ever. Wine bottle gift boxes come in black or white in one or two bottle sizes. If you want a luxurious box for your items or gifts, look no further than our magnetic gift boxes.

Benefits of wholesale magnetic gift boxes

Retailers use these collapsible magnetic boxes to package their elegant products such as apparel and giftwear. Their clientele enjoy giving gifts with these quality, reusable boxes. The magnetic closure keeps the contents intact with a classy look, which makes these perfect for product packaging.

Additionally, Promotional, Marketing, and Advertising companies use these collapsible, magnetic gift boxes to promote their customers’ high end products. As a result, clients are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by utilizing these boxes.

Corporations utilize these boxes when giving out corporate gifts to clients and employees. Want to impress a potential client? How about thanking a long-term employee? Highlight your thoughtfulness by delivering the gift in a high quality box that they can save and remember you by.

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