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Custom Wine Gift Box Wholesale

Wine gift boxes make a special gift even more beautiful. If your product is looking for the perfect way to dress up a bottle of wine, then you’ll love GleePackaging’s large selection of gift boxes designed specifically for wine bottles. We have all varieties, including paper, clear plastic, and even wine bags. No matter the occasion, your product will be thrilled with these beautiful wine bottle gift boxes.

Wine Gift Boxes

List of Wine Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Wine Gift Boxes

Are perfect for commercial wine sellers as well as collectors.

Come in a number of high-quality designs and styles.

Offer a high-end way to dress up a bottle of wine for special gifts or occasion.

Are good for storing other items as well, from children’s toys to art supplies.

Help to protect the wine bottle and its label during shipping.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



Brand Owner


Specially-Selected Wine Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

Wine gift boxes are an upscale and fun way to keep your wine products beautifully packaged for any occasion and safe from broken. GleePackaging offers a huge selection of trend-setting bottle cases and carriers, including one, two and three bottle quantity in one packaging. From rigid wine boxes with magnetic catch, embossed wine bags with handles, or economical folding wine boxes with lids and bases, we do offer a wide range of eye-catching wine packaging options to suit your budget.

Benefit from our packaging:

  • Allow winery brands and stores to stand out with our unique wine packaging and printing options.
  • Wine gift boxes and carriers offer bottle protection and branding advantages.
  • With branded packaging, our wine gift boxes make excellent corporate wine gift packaging for holidays, marketing events or any occasion.
  • With a large selection of box styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the product you need for your store or event.
  • Our multi-bottle wine boxes are equipped with dividers and foam to keep the bottles from bumping together and breaking the glass.
  • Our boxes and carriers can be used to create gift sets, branded packaging, or as resale packaging for your wine store.

Outstanding Other Wine Brands and Win Your Customers

As competition for winery brands has heated up in recent years, wine products have needed to beat out the competition and stand out on store shelves. It is the only way to make the product sell better. Red wine gift packaging boxes have become one of the most important factors for consumers or your business customers to make a purchasing decision when choosing a wine product.

With such fierce competition, whoever has the most unique and eye-catching branded packaging will attract buyers to pick their wine over other wine products on shelf. Wine shop owners and wineries can further influence buying decisions by utilizing our trendsetting outer wine box packaging to help them Stand out from the rest of the wine field and greatly increase your sales rate!

What Gift Box Styles Are Perfect for Your Next Wine Product?

Corrugated Wine Boxes:

These boxes are available in different thicknesses of corrugated flute construction and will provide excellent gift wrapping protection for your red wine bottles. Corrugated wine boxes are great for wine products that are frequently removed, as well as wine gifts that are shipped long distances.

Folding Wine Gift Boxes:

Our folding wine gift boxes are available in one and two-piece wine bottle boxes, and three-piece boxes are also available, including lids and bases. These boxes are economical, yet upscale in appearance and can give your wine products a sophisticated, attractive gift look that is attractive to purchase. The boxes can be folded flat for easy storage. Our box gift wrap is a great choice for corporate gifts or wine gift sets.

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