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Custom Apparel Packaging Boxes

Clothing gifts and clothing boxes are essential to prove the quality experience of clothing products. Our production base can provide warehouse storage, and can produce high-quality white gift boxes and natural kraft paper clothing boxes of various sizes. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of clothing boxes, fashion boxes, tie boxes, glove boxes, sweater boxes, shirt boxes and hat boxes. Our clothing boxes are flat for transportation and storage, so you don’t need much space to store them.

List of Apparel Packaging Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Apparel Packaging Boxes

Made from recycled paper, best for retail clothes and apparel packaging.

Enjoy wholesale prices in bulk,save more when you need large quantities.

Customized shapes and sizes for wrapping clothes and gifts.

Ships flat to save on freight and storage space.

Perfect way for you to showcase your blouses, skirts and tops.

100% on-time delivery guarantee for busy executives.

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We Serve Fashion Retailers and Packaging Wholesalers Well

Our clothing box is a must-have for fashion retailers, especially when packing gifts for customers immediately at the checkout counter. At the same time, our clothing gift box is also a best-selling product of global gift box dealers. We offer a variety of stock sizes and colors, including overcoat boxes, two-piece pop-up styles, folding top folds and hard boxes. We also provide customized colors to give the store a brand look.

All clothing and gift boxes are environmentally friendly, made of environmentally friendly cardboard and water-based ink. According to the needs of retail or gift-giving, packaging clothing can use a variety of options. Retailers and consumers use clothing boxes for gifts, such as shirts, dresses, pants and coats. All the folding garment boxes we provide are made in China and use environmentally friendly post-consumer recycled cardboard and water-based inks of various colors.

Apparel Boxes Manufactured for Brands Recognization

GleePackaging is your main source of clothing packaging boxes. Our clothing and gift boxes are all made of natural cardboard, and can print a variety of colors and finishes. Our high-quality clothing gift boxes and other clothing gift boxes are very suitable for all kinds of clothing and can protect the clothing from being broken. Very suitable for retailers.

Do you want to pack a lot of clothing? Or need to import a large number of clothing gift boxes? You can view our selection of clothing gift boxes and other clothing gift boxes on GleePackaging.com. Our clothing boxes and clothing boxes are stocked in various shapes, sizes and materials. Our beautiful black, red and oatmeal pinstripe clothing boxes will surely impress you.

GleePackaging.com strives to be a one-stop source for all your clothing boxes and other clothing gift boxes. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us. We are happy to do everything possible to help.

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