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Custom Folding Gift Boxes & Packaging

Make a difference in the business world with collapsible gift boxes for corporate events, trade shows and exhibitions. These collapsible gift boxes are available for sale across the world. The foldable gift boxes are designed by professionals having years of experience in making customized gift boxes of all kinds. These collapsible gift boxes are customized and designed according to the requirements of the clients.

List of Folding Gift Box & Packaging Styles

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Benefits For Your
Folding Gift Boxes

Order our foldable gift boxes at wholesale rates when placing an order in bulk.

All foldable boxes are shipped flat for minimal storage and easy for assembling.

Customization coming in any size to fit different ends.

Made of heavyweight chipboard to build strong construction for any end.

Print any color of custom logo and full color photographic custom design.

Print finishes like hot stamping, embossing, deboss are available to print.

One-stop Solution For Your Custom Folding Gift Boxes

Size and Dimensions

Whatever your product dimensions, our range offers various sizes of folding gift boxes & packaging, ensuring a perfect fit without being too loose or overly snug.

Material Quality

We prioritize durable, high-quality cardstock or paperboard materials, ensuring the box’s texture and thickness mirror the quality of your gift.

Design & Appearance

Choose a folding carton gift box design that harmonizes with your brand’s aesthetic. Explore surface finishes, color options, and printing techniques for an enticing visual appeal.


Consider the box assembly and closure mechanisms. Opt for easy-to-assemble yet secure boxes that safeguard your gift.

Customization Options

Look for boxes offering customization possibilities such as embossing, foil stamping, or window cutouts, adding a personalized touch to your gift presentation.

Quantity & Cost

Determine your required quantity, ensuring cost-effectiveness within your budget. Explore potential cost savings through bulk ordering.

Collapsible Gift Boxes with Ribbon for Brands

Foldable luxury gift boxes are designed by our professionals and are especially suitable for packaging purposes in various industries. Typically, our collapsible gift boxes are designed for events, trades or exhibitions.

The collapsible gift box is made of hard materials in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. These gift boxes ensure gorgeous designs and beautiful looks through the modern production techniques of our factory. The collapsible gift box comes with a magnetic snap that adds a creative opening to the packaging and is reasonably priced and innovative in style. Your various logos, names, and patterns can be printed on the folding box.

Foldable gift boxes are manufactured according to the customer’s needs and become suitable for various products. Products such as mugs, journals, keychains, T-shirts, promotional clothing, advertising books, CDs and USBs, pens, etc. are all available in our foldable gift boxes. These are professional boxes that add versatility to the company’s accessories.

Custom-Made Foldable Gift Boxes Wholesale

As a luxury gift box manufacturer, GleePackaging specializes in a full line of gift boxes. Not only do we have collapsible gift boxes in stock, but we also have custom collapsible gift boxes. These customizable collapsible gift boxes can be customized to fit the client’s specifications and can accommodate any of their products, such as wine and perfume.

GleePackaging uses high quality cardboard to produce luxury packaging boxes, such as kraft paper or other special material paper, which allows a company’s logo and graphics to be perfectly printed on paper, or on ribbons that fully showcase the brand and shape of the company. We provide a one-stop professional design assistance service that can assist customers in producing folding boxes in any size and color!

  • Made of quality recyclable paper board.
  • Huge selection of wrap paper including art paper, kraft paper, recycled kraft paper, foil paper, special paper and more.
  • Any color is available, whether it is spot pantone color to match business brand or full color to display business image.
  • Wide selection of finishes on wrap paper including glossy or matt lamination, hot stamping, uv spot varnish, embossing, debossed and more.
  • Custom made, any size is available.
  • Magnetic closure, ribbon closure and more.

Attractive Small Gift Boxes Make Brands Stand Out

Even the highest quality products cannot highlight the superiority of a product without proper gift wrapping. Our folding gift boxes can be used to decorate any gift and are available in a variety of sizes, and for multiple smaller sizes we also have suitable boxes available. Our colorful or printed tissue paper liners with a beautiful ribbon bow are sure to add an elegant branding touch to your product.

If you are a wholesaler and plan to wholesale small foldable gift boxes in multiple styles, then here is the place to go for your small gift box. Also, if you are a retailer of small items, then these packaging options may be the ideal way to package your merchandise for sale. Either way, there are stylish and attractive small goods packaging boxes available here for you.

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