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Custom Luxury Rigid Gift Boxes

Our rigid gift box has the potential to inspire you and other users. By using multiple color schemes and exquisite styles, they are more attractive. They can be easily stacked at any time, and are ideal for wrapping gifts with special accessories without threatening huge delivery costs.

The rigid gift box meets the needs of retailers to display their brand image or the beautiful appearance of the store. The hard box is basically made with a lid and a foldable base, which allows retailers to pick the box flat to save space in the store.

Luxury Gift Box

List of Rigid Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Rigid Gift Boxes

The perfect designing of deluxe packaging goes both for small and big set-ups.

Custom boxes design to transform the persona of your brand.

Especially for marketing promotions, product launches, events, media kits, etc.

Support your unique design, size, colour and printing requirements.

Low MOQ and free samples before ordering.

Manufactured to short term or long term rigid box supplies, for wholesale or retail.

Who All Will Be Benefited from?



Brand Owner


Why Customized Rigid Gift Boxes Are Getting More and More Popular?

Customized rigid gift boxes can increase product value and profitability. Regarding the printing industry, as time goes by, the importance of customized products becomes an important and effective marketing method. There are the same products from multiple manufacturers on the market, but customers have no time to choose from. But our rigid gift boxes are customized, and your customers prefer to buy them because of the availability of the required products in the required size and design. You can choose wholesale rigid gift boxes, and at the same time we can also decorate your rigid luxury gift boxes according to customers’ choices.

For example, adding reliefs and logos to the product box makes them more beautiful and attractive, thanks to our experts’ ability to meet customer needs. The services we provide are flexible and inexpensive, but since we produce honestly and trustworthyly, there are no hidden costs.

Every Rigid Gift Packaging Deserves Perfect Printing

Perfect printing is the key to our success in the rigid packaging industry. Appropriate color scheme and high-quality ink can make the best results of printing, so that we become the leader in the industry. At GleePackaging, we use one of the best printing technologies, such as screen printing, offset printing and digital printing, to ensure high-quality products. The logo and information are printed on the box to make them more enjoyable and valuable, so that customers can recognize your brand at once.

Our rigid gift boxes are the best example of perfect printing and customization, because their function makes them more useful, and also because they have shiny and matte styles, and are made of copper, silver and gold foil to make them more precious. Our printing team is innovating print design and hopes that customers can receive a more stunning packaging.

Get Full Support on Customized Decorative Accessories

In the modern packaging era, the importance of promotional marketing materials to business success is beyond doubt. In a busy and practical production, you don’t have time to spend your thoughts on the decoration of rigid gift boxes, so these ribbons, stickers and slogans can basically convey the brand and product words in a concise time. Small retailers can also use these promotional marketing materials because of their high quality and low prices.

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