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Custom Christmas Gift Boxes In Bulk

Order your customized Christmas luxury gift boxes manufactured in any shapes, sizes, colors and layouts. Our Christmas gift boxes can be used in a variety of industries, such as retail Christmas product packaging, brand product promotion, company gifts and special occasions. You can get Christmas gift boxes wholesale in folding and kraft paper with your brand design. Send us your idea and get samples direct from GleePackaing, a China-based packaging factory. Get your quote today!

List of Christmas Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Christmas Gift Boxes

Full range of Christmas gift boxes wholesale in custom colors, shapes and sizes.

Latest printing technique helps encourage your brand image in the market.

Best filled with items such as candles, wine, cosmetics and other small gifts.

Bring your product aesthetic touch to scale for companies large and small.

Complete with ribbons and more decorative fitments.

Created with high-quality paper from well-managed forests.

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Custom Christmas Gift Boxes with Lasting Impressions

Our Christmas gift boxes will ensure that your Christmas product is a gift that lasts. Packing your products in our high quality Christmas luxury gift boxes, rather than using disposable wrapping paper, will impress your customers and clients before they even have a chance to take a look at what’s inside.

Our materials are available in cardboard as well as wooden gift boxes in birch, red oak, cherry, black walnut, beech, maple and chipwood, making you stand out from the crowd. In addition, other tree species are available upon request. Whether it’s size, color or style, you can choose the right gift box for your needs. Your box can be magnetically-absorbent, folded, round, or square. Looking for ideas for packaging products? Have a look at our products, or send in your design drawings and we’ll complete the Christmas packaging production.

Christmas Luxury Gift Boxes for Every Industries

Make your Christmas gift even more exciting with our deluxe Christmas wrapping box. We have something for every business, so whether you’re a wine merchant, a cosmetics brand, or a packaging distributor, you’ll find something for you.

If you want an extra helping hand in choosing the perfect Christmas wrap, then why not explore the range of Christmas hampers available this year? To make choosing the perfect gift easier, just click here to check out our buying guide, we can help you judge quality packaging suppliers and learn everything you need to know about production.

Tell Your Christmas Story to Your Customers

We believe that gifts tell a story. We have witnessed the power of gifts to connect people, create memories and change relationships. This is what drives us every day, creating timeless gifts for modern people. Our passion for the highest quality products, love of fine detail and authentic production methods have earned us loyal customers and high-profile enthusiasts. But actually, what we are most proud of is the feeling you get when someone receives a gift. Their true joy comes from our heart: creating a unique gift for you, and offering it to you in a simple and easy way. In short, the gift of inspiration, the gift of professionalism.

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