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Medium Gift Boxes

These medium-sized luxury gift boxes are perfect for wrapping gifts! Different color medium gift boxes are suitable for different festivals and business needs. For example, white gift boxes provide a surface that is easy to wrap and provide a layer of protection for clothing and products with unusual shapes. Create beautiful gift presentations by adding colorful tissues, parcels, labels, ribbons or bows! The medium-sized gift box is very suitable for packaging boxes of clothing, toys and other products. It can also be used as Christmas gift box, flower gift box and wine gift box.

Medium Gift Boxes

List of Medium Gift Box Styles

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Benefits For Your
Medium Gift Boxes

Personalized stock gift boxes in flexible medium sizes.

Multiple print colors and CMYK print are also available for elegant outlook.

Boxes can be foil blocked or debossed with your own custom logo.

Flat rate shipping to anywhere and factory warehouse available.

Free samples before order to ensure the quality meet your expectation.

Luxurious customized ribbon & custom stickers to add more charm.

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Wholesale Medium Gift Boxes & Recycled Packaging

Welcome to our GleePackaging gift box website. GleePackaging provides customized packaging and environmentally friendly packaging. We provide a variety of fashionable jewelry boxes, gift boxes, recycled display boxes, gift bags, recycled tote bags and other gift packaging, medium size, can meet all your packaging needs. The added benefit is (if you haven’t noticed yet!) most of our gift boxes, bags and other items are produced by our own factory.

Our medium gift box inventory is stored in a huge warehouse, and we can supply millions of medium gift boxes at any time, eliminating your doubts about our inventory and style. We are a one-stop packaging manufacturer that can meet the needs of retailers, wholesalers, corporate gifts and events, weddings, and anyone who needs packaging.

Bespoke Medium Boxes & Packaging

We provide a variety of packaging colors and sizes for you to choose from. To be honest, we personally selected many of our medium-sized gift boxes, jewelry boxes, gift bags and other environmentally friendly packaging to meet all your needs.

Are you struggling to find a box size suitable for your product? We can also provide customized medium size gift boxes. Our extensive knowledge and diverse customization options can help you! Our rigid packaging box factory in China provides tailor-made medium-sized gift boxes that can be used for packaging most products, such as general gifts, medium-sized products, etc. GleePackaging’s friendly team has an excellent knowledge base and can provide professional advice for your tailor-made boxes.

Printing Services on Luxury Medium Gift Boxes

Digital printing is an excellent alternative to foil printing. Digital printing provides the flexibility of full-color printing, no matter how complex the pattern is, it can be printed perfectly. At GleePackaging, we have a variety of digital printing options. These printing technologies are very suitable for small batch production. If you want to print a full-color logo, photo or design, digital printing is ideal.

Whether you are looking for a medium-sized packaging box for a brand or a batch of gift boxes for a new product launch, digital printing is for you. Our internal digital printing has excellent design and color flexibility, which is a good way to make our storage boxes stand out.

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