Holiday Season: How to Choose Business Gift Box

Holiday business gifting, whether for employees or clients, is more than an end-of-the-year routine in the business world.

Christmas Gift Boxes

Finding that perfect gift that brings a smile to your stakeholders’ faces can sometimes be difficult, which is why we curated this list of the best business Christmas gift boxes and items to present to employees and clients during the holiday.

Luxury Business Gift Box Types

Below are the best types of luxury business boxes used to present gifts to employees and clients:

Magnetic Gift Box

Custom magnetic gift boxes feature a magnetic closure that adds an extra touch of sophistication and guaranteed tightness. They exude luxury with seamless design and they are most ideal for premium products like tech gadgets, jewelry, and high-end items.

Magnetic Rigid Gift Box

Two-Piece Gift Box

This gift box is made of a lid and base component. Its classic and functional design makes it perfect for retail packaging, with its construction supporting easy customization and branding. You can rely on this gift box for all kinds of gifts.

Two-Piece Gift Boxes

Folding Gift Box

Also known as a “collapsible gift box,” this type of box is often shipped in a flat shape, requiring that the user assemble it by folding. This gift box is popularly used because of its convenience, efficiency, and suitability for a vast range of products.

Folding Gift Box

Slide/Drawer Gift Box

Slide/Drawer gift box features a modern and sleek construction that’s integrated with a sliding drawer. Its unique design makes it ideal for items that require gradual unveiling or presentation. This gift box adds more excitement to the unboxing experience.

Slide:Drawer Gift Box

Company Gift Basket

Contains a variety of items arranged beautifully in a basket. It can be customized to match a theme or occasion celebrated in the office. Company gift box can be used to represent a personal meaning, making it a preferred option for expressing thoughtfulness and appreciation in business settings.

Company Gift Basket

What Do You Put in a Corporate Gift Box?

Are you confused about the perfect item to package in corporate gift boxes for your employees?

Happy Employees with Holiday Gifts

These are some of the best gifts that will make their holiday season memorable:

  • Branded Jackets/Professional Outfits: Giving workers branded jackets or professional outfits help them save up on money that ought to be spent on office clothing the next year. Presenting workers custom apparel packaging boxes will elevate team spirit and foster a sense of unity and pride.
  • Backpacks with Logo: Stylish backpacks branded with the business logo can be used for commuting accessories. It is even more beneficial for workers who travel for work.
  • Wellness Packages: The holiday season is a period of rest and recuperation. Show your employees love by giving them tickets to a paid wellness program like spa, yoga, or gym. This reflects commitment to a balance between work life and overall health.
  • Gourmet Gift Baskets: Delight workers with a festive assortment of gourmet treats. Gourmet gift baskets can come in handy when you are not sure of each individual taste. It appeals to a broad range of tastes, creating a warm and celebratory atmosphere.
  • Customized Company Merchandize: Give employees’ practical items that they can use daily, such as mugs and notebooks. These items can be branded with the business logo, creating a sense of belonging.

What Do You Put in a Gift Box for Clients?

Still not sure of the ideal items to package in gift boxes for your clients?

Entrepreneur Presenting End of the Year Gift to Client

Below are some of the best gifts every client will appreciate:

  • Artisan Gift Sets: Giving clients’ artisan gifts sets like wine, chocolate, etc., is a versatile and elegant gift choice. It appeals to diverse tastes and expresses thoughtful appreciation to clients unwavering trust throughout the year.
  • Gift Basket: This is a versatile and customizable option that contains a curated assortment of premium items, such as fruits, food, etc. Create a lasting impression by combining a variety of thoughtful items that your clients will love.
  • Personalized Executive Gifts: Presenting clients with personalized executive gifts like engraved pen or mug has a touch of exclusivity and professionalism. Clients often cherish and preserve the items as lasting keepsakes.
  • Virtual Event Experience: Help your clients enjoy immersive online experiences like virtual seminars or cooking classes to make their holiday period more eventful. Help clients improve their participation in the digital world.

Why Do We Recommend Luxury Paper Rigid Gift Boxes?

The benefits of using luxury paper rigid gift boxes are numerous.

Quality Christmas Gift Boxes

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend you use them for packaging your products and gifts:

  • Customization: You can adapt many customization possibilities when you use paper rigid boxes for packaging. Depending on your employees and clients preference, you can select a unique shape with suiting designs. You can also attach your business name and logo on the wrap to promote your brand identity.
  • Improved User Experience: Personalized packaging boxes like custom wine gift boxes can boost the visual appeal of a product, increasing the perceived value of the item and worth of your brand. Practically, luxury paper rigid gift boxes give current and prospective clients a well-rounded experience of your business identity.
  • Durability: Just as the name suggests, rigid gift boxes are very strong. They are capable of protecting their contents from damage during handling, transit, or storage. Due to their tough construction, they become keepsake and are reused for other purposes.

Key Takeaway

Nothing beats a business gift box filled with thoughtful items. At the end of the year, when you want to share gift boxes to your employees and clients, think about the best items that resonate with them and make them have a holiday to remember.

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