What Should You Put in A Wedding Welcome Box


Oh the joy of wedding planning! As you prepare to celebrate the union of two beloved individuals, you want every detail to be perfect, right? And that includes making your out-of-town guests feel extra special. Enter the wedding welcome box – a thoughtful gesture that sets the tone for an unforgettable weekend. It provides a sense of inclusivity and can also serve as a way to show appreciation and gratitude towards the guests for their travel and presence. You’d think that’s all there is as far as the usefulness of wedding welcome boxes are concerned, but, no!!! you’re wrong. One might argue that perhaps the most important function of the box is to provide essential items, itinerary, and local information to make the guests’ stay more comfortable and enjoyable. But, what exactly should you put in a wedding welcome box? That’s where we come in! In this article, we’ll explore the most delightful and practical items to include in your wedding welcome box, ensuring your guests feel loved, pampered, and ready to party! So, let’s dive right in!

What is a Wedding Welcome Box

A wedding welcome box, also referred to as a welcome bag or gift box, is a thoughtful package prepared by the intended couple for their out-of-town guests. It is a lovely way to extend a warm welcome, show appreciation for their travel, and make them feel special from the moment they arrive.

The charming tradition of providing welcome bags for guests has evolved over time. Historically, they were more common in destination weddings, where guests needed extra care due to unfamiliar surroundings. But, nowadays, couples have embraced this practice for all types of weddings. It is now seen as a way to express gratitude, create a warm atmosphere, and ensure guests feel cherished and appreciated. 

So, whether your celebration takes place on a sun-kissed beach or in a charming countryside barn, consider getting delightful wedding welcome bags to show your guests that really, you’ve been thinking of them. 

Wedding Welcome Box Filling Ideas

Now that you have seen that the wedding welcome box is more than just a pretty package, in this section, we’ll dive into creative and practical ideas for crafting your own wedding welcome box

What’s in this delightful box, you ask? It’s a carefully curated collection of goodies, treats, and essentials, often reflecting the couple’s preferred style, the wedding theme, or local flavors to provide that ‘tourist’ feel when it’s a destination wedding. Think wedding welcome boxes, here are a few ideas :

Gourmet Snacks and Treats

Providing a variety of gourmet snacks is a great cater to your guests’ cravings and provide a luxurious experience. You may consider including local delicacies to provide something different for a change or stick with classic favorites. You may also want to consider providing gluten free treats for those who can’t tolerate gluten in their diets. Arrangements can be made to label the boxes a simple ‘GF’ to indicate this. Personalized attention to detail like this would definitely go a long way in showing your guests how much you care for their comfort and wellbeing. 


Away from the doom and gloom, you can indulge your guests with a selection of gourmet treats that showcase local flavors or personal favorites. artisanal cheeses, crackers, jams, chocolates, cookies, brownies or specialty nuts are a few recommendations you may want to consider. These treats will satisfy their cravings and you can bet the kids will love it!

Refreshing Drinks

Inasmuch as celebration is in the air, staying hydrated is very important. Adding refreshing drinks such as bottled water, artisanal sodas, or local coffee blends and teas will serve a practical function and at the same time, help showcase regional flavours. 

To make the wedding more memorable, you can add a personalized water bottle or coffee mug to serve as a keepsake or souvenir. 

Useful items

Adding useful items such as maps of the area, stylized sunglasses, and sunscreen is the perfect blend of practicality and thoughtfulness for outdoor weddings. A mini first-aid kit, tylenol, or a travel-sized essentials kit will also show your guests how much your care about their comfort and well-being. 

Personalized Notes, Itineraries, or Wedding Schedules

There is an indubitably heartfelt touch that a personalized note, especially handwritten, from the couple provides, making the guests feel extra special. 

Don’t think too hard on the contents of the note as it may be anything from a heartfelt welcome message to a wedding timeline, or simply a list of recommended local attractions in order to make the most of the event. 

When the guest list is quite long and a handwritten message will prove quite tasking, do not fret, a beautifully designed welcome card is capable of doing the trick. 

Itineraries or wedding schedules help ensure everyone is well informed about the festivities and events planned and feels included in every step of the way. 

Local treats

A destination wedding hasn’t quite lived up to the billing if all the guests experience are things they’re used to, right? 

Aside from being an awesome way to support local businesses, including local treats gives the guests a unique and memorable taste of the wedding’s setting. 

Cozy Comforts

Lastly, cozy comforts such as plush socks, scented candles and snug blankets will bestow warmth  and comfort upon your guests, creating a homely vibe and making their stay feel more like a relaxing retreat. 

Key Takeaway

The thought and effort that go into creating a beautiful and practical welcome box goes a long way in showing your guests (especially the out of towners) how much you care for them and is also an effective way to show them love, appreciation, and gratitude for their travel and presence, setting the tone for  the joyful celebrations ahead.

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