Top 7 Reasons Why Creative Printed Stickers are Essential for Your E-commerce Business

Effective marketing doesn’t have to do with big spending. Just as how some people underestimate the power of minimalist packaging, exploring creative printed stickers is a fantastic move by any brand.

Brand promotion shouldn’t only be focused on grabbing the attention of potential customers, but enhancing awareness and building loyalty. One potent way of achieving this is by using creatively designed stickers, which will help you stand out from competition, attract the right audience, and promote customers’ loyalty.

Read on to learn about printed stickers, the common types, and why they are essential for your e-commerce business.

What is a Printed Sticker?

A printed sticker is an adhesive-backed label with text, images, or graphics printed on it. It’s designed to be stuck onto products for decorative or informational purposes.

Sometimes, labels and stickers are mistaken to be the same. While they are often interchangeably used, a label focuses more on providing information about a product, such as the ingredients and how-to-use instructions. A sticker, on the other hand, focuses more on decorative and promotional elements applied to products packaging for branding, personalization, or aesthetic purposes.

However, stickers are versatile. They can be used to achieve both purposes i.e., providing information yet very captivating.

Common Types of Printed Sticker?

Below are the commonly printed stickers used by e-commerce businesses:

  • Package Seal Sticker: These stickers are usually used to secure the box or packaging, making sure they are not tampered with during transit. They are often customized with the brand’s logo or any other custom design reflecting your brand.
  • Metallic Embellishment Sticker: These stickers are designed to add a decorative touch to the packaging. They feature metallic elements, which makes the stickers shiny or reflective. Metallic embellishment stickers add a premium feel to your e-commerce package.
  • Tape Sticker: These are adhesive strips, with a design that looks like tape but more decorative. They are often used for sealing envelopes, cartons, and wrapping gifts. You can print your company’s logo, website, or social media accounts on it to turn it from a mere tape to a potent branding tool.
  • Tissue Seal Sticker: These stickers are specifically created for products that need to be wrapped in tissue before packaging. The items are wrapped in the tissue, plastered with the sticker, then packaged in the delivery box.
  • QR Code Sticker: These stickers have a Quick Response (QR) code that can be scanned to have access to basic information about the product or brand. Such information include ingredients and instructions of the product, direction to the company’s website, information about special discount coupons, etc.

Why Printed Sticker is good for Your E-commerce Business

Investing in quality stickers is an effective medium to promote your e-commerce business, and here are 7 reasons why you should incorporate using stickers:

Brand Promotion

Stickers serve as a tool for word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. One potent way of getting more customers is using stickers in your marketing campaigns. Contact a sticker printer firm like GleePackgaing for help. The better the sticker, the more likely customers will become brand ambassadors, attaching your sticker to their personal belongings, which is a means of promotion.

Also, stickers are not heavily perceived as advertising tools. Rather, most people view them as gifts, thereby holding onto them. Instead of throwing them away as they often do to flyers, they stick them on visible surfaces. However, it’s important to note that stickers will only be effectively if thoughtfully designed.

Better Call-to-action

As mentioned earlier, stickers are versatile. While functioning as visual promotion, you can use them to send a direct call-to-action, telling consumers to check your company’s website for detailed information and discount offers. You can also put your phone number, email address, or social media handles for easy contact.

Generally, attaching stickers to product packaging is an impressively simple way to deliver a core message to consumers without doing a huge marketing campaign.


If you are looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy, especially as a small-scale or medium-scale business, you can use stickers. They are cheaper and more accepted than most marketing strategies, making them very cost-effective.

Unlike some marketing tools that customers view to be too aggressive, stickers are accepted as a nice gesture by your brand. People love getting free goods, so when they get your business sticker, they keep it. This makes them more aware of your brand, thereby increasing the chances of considering you in the future.

Wider Audience Reach

When you have a well-designed sticker, people can put them on practically any device, including their mobile phones, laptops, cars, etc. This allows you to have a wider market reach, as your brand is continually promoted to anywhere they go, even outside the country.

Unlike some other marketing tools, like billboards, stickers are not limited to geographical areas. They are mobile, conveying your brand message to anywhere the customer goes.

Supports Creativity

With stickers, there is a lot of room for creativity. You can design the sticker based on your preferred color, shape, fonts, etc. You are not restricted to any rule, except that the purpose of having a sticker (to make the products more visually attractive) must be prioritized.

For instance, if you have a funny idea that you think people will connect with, stickers are a great medium to showcase it.

Powerful UGC Strategy

UGC, which stands for “User-generated Content” is a content created by someone who isn’t officially a member or representative of your brand. It’s simply customers promoting your brand without any effort or plea from your end. UGC showcases authenticity and makes other consumers trust your brand.

This could be done through social media posts or sharing of unboxing experiences. With your stickers on the boxes or packaging, other people get to know your brand, leading to an increase in sales.

Note of Appreciation

Creating customized stickers with personalized messages can be used as an appreciation note to loyal customers. It’s a medium of telling them your value and thanking them for supporting your business. This will make them more connected to your brand.

These stickers can even be attached to gifts or discounts you give out on special occasions like during Christmas or your business anniversary.

Key Takeaway

Creative printed stickers are a unique marketing tool to win more customers and improve your marketing strategy. They have the power that some other marketing tools don’t have, such as their flexibility, acceptability, mobility, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Looking for a way to get more loyal customers and increase sales, try creative printed stickers. You can contact us to help you design the most innovative and compelling sticker for your brand.

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